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Balloon Insurance
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Marsh has a specialist team dedicated to providing bespoke solutions for the ballooning community. Our team includes professionals with many years of experience in the class. >>
Life Sciences: Overview
Christopher Bryce
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Staying competitive in the dynamic world of life sciences requires a risk management adviser with a sophisticated understanding of your business. With continuous industry changes, ... >>
CricketMaster: Specialist Insurance for Cricket Clubs
Marsh Ltd. 4th Floor
Churchill House
17 Churchill Way
CF10 2HH
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Marsh’s CricketMaster insurance product provides specialist protection for cricket clubs that is tailored to the individual risks to which they are exposed. >>
Rugby Club Insurance: Specially Designed Insurance for RFU Affiliated Rugby Clubs
Marsh Ltd. 4th Floor
Churchill House
17 Churchill Way
CF10 2HH
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At Marsh we have developed an insurance product that provides specialist protection for rugby clubs and is tailored to the risks to which they are exposed. >>
Business Interruption Centre of Excellence
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Marsh’s Business Interruption Centre of Excellence focuses on education and best practice, product development, and robust claims and risk-mitigation support. >>
Ports and Terminals: Risk Challenges and Solutions
Robert Barnett and Edwin Charnaud  and Nick Roscoe  |  Views: 106313 |  Comments: 0 
Port and terminal projects and operations are exposed to a complex and changing range of risks that Marsh can help identify. >>
Marine Cyber Gap Insurance
Nick Riddle and Stephen Wares  and Lisa Marsh  |  Views: 105716 |  Comments: 0 
Marsh's Cyber Gap Insurance addresses the coverage gap created by cyber risk exclusions (such as Clause CL380) on policies placed in the London Market. >>
How Vulnerable Is Your Organisation to Cyber Risk?
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Marsh's new cyber risk tool enables you to identify and evaluate the cyber risk scenarios your organisation faces. >>
Cyber Gap Insurance for the Global Energy Sector
Andrew Herring and Stephen Wares  and Lisa Marsh  |  Views: 76980 |  Comments: 0 
Marsh's Cyber Gap Insurance addresses the coverage gap created by cyber risk exclusions (such as Clause CL380) on policies placed in the London Market. >>
Global Rail Value Proposition
Ryan Bond and Jason Clench  and Jason Haynes  |  Views: 57012 |  Comments: 0 
Bowring Marsh works with the Marsh Global Rail Practice to provide risk transfer solutions, risk analysis, and claims consultancy to clients around the world. >>
Supply Chain Risk Assessment and the Life Science Industry
Christopher Bryce and Philip Dearn  and William Bruce  |  Views: 118378 |  Comments: 0 
A document looking at the risk issues that were concerning a life science company, which explains the objectives of the process to counteract them. >>
Life Science and Clinical Trials Industry Value Proposition
Esther Lenehan
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Bowring Marsh offers risk transfer solutions, programme analysis and claims consultancy for a wide range of life science companies around the world. >>
Marsh Delta: Commercial Crime Insurance for the Marine Sector
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Marsh Delta Commercial Crime for the marine sector is an exclusive specialist commercial crime policy to protect against internal and external crime. >>
Automotive – Intellectual Property Theft
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The Automotive Intellectual Property (IP) flyer shows the exposure of the industry to IP theft and highlights court losses that a company may have to settle. >>
Automotive – Product Recall
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In this brochure, the automotive practice at Marsh explains the importance of product recall in the automotive industry and the impact this may have on company balance sheets as we... >>
Office Insurance for Solicitors
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We have a specially developed office insurance policy for solicitors providing flexible levels of cover, backed with risk management advice. >>
The Emergence of Digital Threats and Ways to Mitigate and Transfer Risk
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Information is the lifeblood of most organisations, and we are all managing more of it than ever before. Heavy reliance on information technology and online connectivity is making ... >>
Building Resilience to Natural Catastrophes: Property Risks Arising From Extreme Weather
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Increases in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events has had a devastating effect on local populations, property and critical infrastructure. Although predicting the s... >>
Academy Travel and Personal Injury Insurance
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Marsh Academy Travel and Personal Injury Insurance is a single, annual policy designed to cover all trips and activities. It ensures that schools can enjoy peace of mind knowing th... >>
Private Medical Insurance for Pupils
Education Practice

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The Marsh Schools Scheme is arranged in partnership with Bupa and enables schools to strengthen the range of services they provide to parents. >>
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